Thank You

Hello everyone! On behalf of the Palace of Princes, we would like to thank you for attending our first ever event!

We would like to give a big thank you for our sponsors Ozone Socks, Uniqso, Crunchyroll, and Lolibrary! We'd also like to thank our media partners Deerstalker Pictures and Lolita Snaps for the amazing photos and videos! It means a lot to us as a first year event that we were able to receive such support from companies, organizations, and media for our event.



Firstly, we would like to thank our brands Belladonna, I Do Declare, Peppermint Fox, Rouge Aerie Designs, Aetherlund, R-Series, and Haenuli for their hard work in our fashion show! Their piece were stunning and you can see what our designers and models worked on. Without all of their hard work, Nightfall would not have been the event that it was.


Photos: Lolita Snaps, Lolitas Monterrey, VictorianMe


All of our vendors also worked incredibly hard and we thank you!


See our Vending and Fashion Show pages for a complete list of participants! 

We’d also like to sincerely thank all of our donors! Our raffle was a huge success and it was all due to their lovely donations!

Lastly, we would like to thank our attendees for their show of support! Please feel free to post and share photos in this event using the hashtag #popnightfall! Without the support of our attendees, Nightfall would have never happened. After Nightfall, numerous attendees approached us to talk with us about their pleasant time at Nightfall, and that means more to us than anything. Thank you so much! We had this event planned with the keeping our attendees happy in mind. Meeting everyone and receiving positive feedback has really inspired us and we hope to organize future events.

Palace of Princes

Words From Our Team

"It has been a long 6 month journey with ups and downs, but Nightfall is finally done! It all started with a crazy idea from Aeryn and we actually went through with it. Nightfall was a great success and we couldn't have done it without everyone's support!!

Thanks to our models and brands from near and far. I never thought Nightfall would reach a global scale. From Australia, China, Korea, the United States, and more, it shows how diverse the Japanese fashion community is. Before this event, I had not seen very many indie brands in person since it's not very popular in Houston. Every single design blew me away and I can't wait to see more! There's so much talent and creativity to be seen in the future! I had a great time interacting with everyone and hope to do more in the future."


"For me, working on Nightfall was a way to accomplish on of my dreams. I have loved Japanese fashion and have been actively involved with it for almost 10 years and over the years I have been to a great many events and seen reports from Japanese fashion events from all over the world. I have always wanted to host an event in order to make a meaningful contribution to this culture that I have been involved in for so long, and Nightfall was my way to do that.

Though we struggled at times and had our own difficulties planning this event, I am extremely proud to say that I was a part of insuring that Nightfall happened.  Nightfall was an important event for my home region, primarily because it was ran by participants in Japanese fashion, for them. When planning this event, we understood that it is important to keep events like this light-hearted, fun, and stocked with plenty of food and drinks. I am unspeakable grateful to everyone who attended, sponsored, donated, and vended at Nightfall. Without the support of the global Japanese fashion community, Nightfall would have never happened. I sincerely thank everyone for their support and kind words. What made Nightfall most rewarding for me was having complete strangers come up and thank me for this event and seeing the positive response we have received. Thank you so much, I can only begin to tell you what your support has meant to me."