About Us

Palace of Princes is an independently run organization focused on spreading knowledge about Japanese fashion, specifically: Boystyle, Ouji and Aristocrat. The Princes that run Palace of Princes are a team of people that consist of several prominent international Boystyle members of the worldwide J-fashion community, including Aerynsys, Buttcape, and Technotropism of Australian-based film organization Deerstalker Pictures

Our intention is to share the most up to date information about the fashion in one convenient place to make information about the Boystyle fashion more accessible to people interested in the fashion. Our information comes directly from experienced wearers of each respective style. The Princes are boystylers from a variety of backgrounds that work together to answer questions about the fashion from each of their personal perspectives. 

Follow us on our Tumblr blog for the most current information about Boystyle including new releases, guides, coordinates, more Palace of Princes events, and Prince appearances. Also receive answers and tips direct from our resident Princes.